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The best solution for every channel of communication

When it comes to folding and inserting, Traffic GmbH relies on fully automatic solutions from the Black Forest company MB Bäuerle.

The company Traffic was founded in 1995 by Helmut Neumann and Patrick Donner as a “Commercial Agency for Printed Material and Print Services”.  After a short time the two founders recognized that the required and targeted quality as well as the flexibility could not be reached within the frame of a commercial agency. The existing possibilities just did not meet these requirements. They therefore decided to take the production into their own hands and invested in a digital printing system and an inserting machine. In the following years they moved into larger premises and purchased additional storage facilities in order to satisfy the increased demands. Today a staff of 120 employees works in three shifts in the company's state-of-the-art printing and shipping centre to ensure on-schedule order processing. The customers are located all over Germany and come primarily from the fields of banking, finance and telecommunication services.

Traffic GmbH focuses on the three main areas, i.e. “Print“, “Online” and “Solutions”.  “Print” comprises the production and further processing of material – from the classical printing products for businesses, customized mailings including the optimization of addresses and postage, response processing to print-on-demand. The segment “Online” covers a variety of web-based services such as e-mail-marketing or the inclusion of personalized websites in campaigns. The “Solutions” section takes care of the solution-oriented development of processes that ought to be outsourced from an entrepreneur's point of view to make the business more profitable, such as printing and despatching of letters, invoices and account statements. Warehousing, packing and shipping of orders as a fulfilment solution in the e-commerce sector are also part of this particular service.

“We do not want to be the cheapest supplier, but the Mercedes. It is our goal to be better than our competitors as far as services to our customers are concerned to satisfy their high requirements. This goal is reflected by the technology that we use”, explains Patrick Donner his company philosophy. In the field of inserting, Traffic has already for many years relied on the fully automatic inserting systems from MB Bäuerle and is currently using one inserting system each from the autoSET 18 and autoSET B4 series. Both systems are equipped with six insert stations. With their high degree of automation and their wide range of accessories, they ensure an efficient production process when 48 million mailings are enveloped each year.  The autoSET B4 is, for example, equipped with a lay-down station for cases where individual franking instead of IT franking is required.  The machine also features insert stations with integrated camera reading and target/actual matching, which means that all data about the enveloping process are fully recorded. “Since we use digital printing only and have to process small print runs with many job changes, we were looking for a suitable folding machine. As a result of our positive experience with the inserting technology from MB Bäuerle, we chose the fully automatic folding system prestigeFOLD NET 52 from the same manufacturer”, explains Patrick Donner the reason for the investment decision. The folding machine is equipped with six fold plates in the first and second fold unit. Automatic setting makes it possible to set all relevant modules by just pushing a button, from the automatic adjustment of the stops in the flat pile feeder, the alignment rails, the fold plates and fold rollers with deflectors to the delivery rollers in the delivery section. The fold system is controlled via the centrally located touch screen display which is self-explanatory. All common types of fold are integrated in the system as a standard feature. A job memory with 200 storage spaces, where all necessary parameters can be saved, is available for special folds. “As many of our orders have small batch sizes, the high degree of automation of the prestigeFOLD NET 52 helps us a lot in our daily routine. With sometimes more than 200 jobs per day, a fast changeover is important and makes the machine popular among our staff. The logical and coherent operating concept also contributes to our satisfaction with the folding system”, explains Patrick Donner.

Besides the intention to keep the machinery up-to-date, Traffic pays great attention to sustainability. For this reason the waste heat of the digital printing systems has been recovered since 2008. The exhaust air of the printing machines passes through a heat exchanger which transforms the air into heating energy. In addition, about 30 percent of the electricity requirements is obtained from solar energy through the in-house photovoltaic system. In the near future the company will move to new premises to optimize production processes. The new building will complement the Traffic Distributions Centrum which exists in that location since 2016. The production space will thus be expanded to more than 10,000 sqm. Further innovative investments will certainly not be long in coming.

The folding system prestigeFOLD NET 52 has convinced Patrick Donner with its high degree of automation and short set-up times; here with MB Bäuerle sales representative for Northern Germany, Jens Jacobsen (from left).

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