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Set-up is an important issue

Mehgro in Urbach / Germany has expanded its print processing department by investing in three new fully automatic folding systems from MB Bäuerle.

The Mehgro GmbH was founded in 1991. At the beginning its core competences had focused on screen printing, signage and labelling. But very soon it was clear that the customers were also interested in classic print products. Just one year after founding the company, the management decided to invest in offset and pre-press technology, which has become the actual core business. Mehgro has now established itself as a regional provider of diverse printing services.

The wide product range ranges comprises magazines, brochures, operating instructions and mailings as well as die-cut flyers and wrappings. The customers of the company are located in the region and beyond and come mainly from the automobile and manufacturing industry. But the customer base includes also many advertising agencies. “The personal customer contact is important to us. Very often, the question whether a job is actually feasible has the highest priority for the customer. In most cases we can find a solution“, explains Nico Grosse, who studied information and communication technology and leads the company in the second generation. A total of 15 employees looks after the on-time handling of the orders. The long service to the company – many employees have been with Mehgro since its foundation – is proof of the good working climate.

The pre-print department of this full service print shop is naturally equipped with the most up-to-date CtP-technology. In the press room there are two offset printing machines which can handle light-weight paper from 45 GSM to cardboard with a thickness of 1 mm. One of Mehgro’s unique capabilities is its comprehensive print processing section. “In this field, our motto is: Everything is cast from the same mould. No matter whether it is folding, stitching, perforating, scoring, laminating, coating, stamping or punching – we have the suitable technology for any requirement”, describes Nico Grosse another success factor. In order to meet this objective, several folding systems, guillotine cutters, punching machines, a saddle stitcher and a laminating system as well as a special production line with hot and cold glue for the producing packages and displays have been implemented.

As far as folding is concerned, Mehgro has always relied on the technology from MB Bäuerle, starting with a manual machine, followed by a semi-automatic model and finally the recent investment in a fully automatic folding system. “When we are convinced of a concept we stick with a supplier. For many years we have gathered positive experience with MB folding machines. MB Bäuerle does not only offer standard concepts, but always finds the ideal solution. Therefore it was clear to us to invest again in the technology from the Black Forest“, justifies Nico Grosse his decision in favour of the MB Bäuerle folding machine. The decisive factor for the acquisition of the new prestigeFOLD NET 52 was a specific customer request. Technical drawings with a large number of folds had to be produced. “The existing folding machine could not do this, which meant that we lost the customer. With the three new fully automatic fold units, we now have a total of 16 fold plates. The feeder as well as the alignment table of the new folding machines are designed for processing unfolded sheets with a maximum length of 130 cm. As the third fold unit is equipped with an independent drive, it can also be flexibly combined with equipment from other manufacturers“, explains Nico Grosse further reasons for the acquisition. The prestigeFOLD NET 52 is based on a fully automatic concept where all relevant modules from the feeder to the delivery section can be set by just pushing a button. The necessary parameters are entered at a centrally located touchscreen display. It is also possible to save frequent jobs and to call them up again. This greatly reduces set-up times. ”Set-up is an important issue. As we have to process a lot of jobs every day, set-up has been very time-consuming. This is now no longer the case thanks to the high degree of automation. The integrated job memory is also ideal especially for complicated jobs. Set-up times have now been reduced by up to 30 percent. And we also have less waste”, explains Nico Grosse.

The already existing semi-automatic folding machine of the multimaster CAS 52 line was also supplemented some time ago. As creasing had become more important, a flat pile feeder with alignment track and the Pit Stop creasing system were added to the folding machine. The alignment before and after the creasing process ensures maximum precision during production. Both folding machines as well as all other machine systems are connected to a central compressed air supply, which means considerable advantages with regard to energy consumption and indoor climate.  

As far as the future direction of the company is concerned, Nice Grosse places the focus on mailing: “The growing importance of addressing prospective customers directly by means of complex mailing campaigns is steadily increasing. Therefore we plan to offer further services in-house and want to position ourselves in accordance with the requirements in the fields of printing and finishing.“

Since the foundation of the company, Mehgro has relied on the folding technology from MB Bäuerle, here with Managing Director Nico Grosse (right) and the MB Bäuerle Sales Representative for East Germany, Klaus Hirsch.

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