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Integrated folding solution for the production of package inserts

MB Bäuerle has developed an integrated folding solution for the fully automatic production of labelled package inserts. The system is based on the prestigeFOLD NET 38 line of folding machines and has been expanded by additional components.

The high degree of automation allows the complete set-up of the machine at the central touch-screen display. This means that all setting elements at the flat pile feeder, fold plate stops, deflectors, fold rollers and alignment rails are set automatically without the interference of an operator. The use of a code reading system ensures permanent production security. The water scoring device is used to reduce the tension in the spine of pharmaceutical inserts. The products lie flatter and are easier to process farther down the line. The folded inserts are transported with the sealed side ahead from the upstream folding machine prestigeFOLD NET 38 to the seal labelling applicator where a label is provided. Half of this label is affixed from above to the unsealed top side of the product and then sealed completely in the pressure station by pressing on the protruding half of the label. In the small-format vertical stacker SKM 36, the finished package inserts are stacked reliably and with precision.

Further options are possible for the production of pharmaceutical package inserts, light-weight paper and other small folded or glued products through the combination with special equipment and add-on modules:

•    Additional fold unit KF 31 for small folds
•    Mobile knife fold unit MS 45
•    Device for pharmaceutical folds for minimum fold lengths of 28 mm
•    Gluing systems

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