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Mailings from the folding machine

Additional technical components are often required to produce special mailings. However, not only specialized companies are in a position to install this equipment. Even with standard folding machines, whose range of applications can be extended by means of attachments, it is possible to participate in this market. Folding machines with gluing devices are quickly ready for use. Moreover, these machines can be used not just for specific applications, but also for all common jobs.
Gluing devices for hot melt and cold glue with one or more glue lines are almost always needed for the production of mailings. The non-contact glue applicators allow dot and line gluing. The length of the glue application is set and adjusted by means of controllers. The choice between cold glue and hot melt depends on the particular requirements. Cold glue is primarily used when a permanent firm bonding is needed.

For a special customer requirement, MB Bäuerle has equipped the fully automatic folding machine prestigeFOLD NET 38 with a 12-fold cold glue system. With this configuration, it is no problem to produce diverse mailings. The system can be used in a cross fold layout or in tandem operation and thus ensures maximum flexibility. In addition, the installation features a monitoring system. A camera reading system records all documents, thus allowing a comparison between the target/performance lists.


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