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MB Bäuerle will show a world first at the Druck+Form

MB Bäuerle, the innovative provider of solutions in the field of print processing, will present its Multiflexible Inline System for creasing and folding for the first time at this year‘s Druck+Form trade fair (Hall 6, Stand 6406).

A typical problem when folding digital prints or other critical material is the cracking of the toner layer along the fold line. Creasing along the fold line can considerably reduce or even avoid this phenomenon. Bar creasing gently compresses the material without stretching the paper fibres. This principle effectively prevents a flaking of the toner and thus ensures an optimal processing after the print.

Some typical products:

•    Laminated brochures or leaflets
•    Mailings
•    Book covers
•    Tear-off coupons

For the efficient processing of these products, MB Bäuerle has developed the Multiflexible Inline System. The uniqueness of this inline system is the high flexibility for the user, because a large variety of applications is available: creasing and folding, perforating and folding, creasing, perforating and folding, just creasing, just perforating or just folding.

The bar creasing and perforating machine can, for example, be used in conjunction with a flat pile feeder and an alignment track or as a stand-alone system. For this purpose the components are mounted on a rail system so that the bar creasing machine can be pulled out sideways or the fold unit can be moved in direction of the production flow. High productivity in connection with minimum set-up times are the key advantages for the user.

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