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Multivariable selective folding system with intelligent 3-channel control

Within a customer’s project MB Bäuerle designed and produced a selective folding system. One of its features is its manifold possibility of feeding and processing. Due to its compact construction and due to the smooth accessibility the complete system is extremely easy to use.

The system is able to feed, collect and fold documents with different formats. Therefore, loading can be done via a suction feeder, flat pile feeder or continuous paper from the roll. It is possible to process folded and unfolded documents for example in A3 and A4 format. Documents can be retrieved as preselection on the operator panel or via a code on the document. Before collecting and folding the edge trim will take place in the cutting module CM 52. This cutting module is mobile and adjustable in height so it can be used in other machine configurations.

Processing is done via a patented accumulator. This accumulator is collecting the different paper sheets with a special method before these sheets are folded to the desired format or pass unfolded into the automatic folding system multimaster CAS 52. The integrated folding unit can also be used for common folding jobs whereby the highest possible flexibility of the complete system is guaranteed. At the push of a button the control system carries out automatically the most important adjustments in the folding unit. All standards folds can be set directly, other folds are freely programmable. The job memory function enables the operator to complete repeated orders even faster. To handle orders with a different number of paper sheets which have to be collected and folded a special selective folding unit is used. This unit is adjusting the plate stops to the processed number of paper sheets in order to guarantee a perfect folding result. A camera system runs constantly ensuring the safety of the whole production process. Therefore, the only outcome is for the complete set of perfectly processed documents to arrive on the delivery table.  

Another option is to attach to the complete system a booklet maker. Therefore, the production of large booklets with saddle stitch is possible.

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