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100 million package inserts – simply by folding automatically

PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP” is an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise on a European level that successfully combines the scientific potential and high-tech modern production in a single effective complex. It manufactures the products under international quality standards and is a reliable partner that clearly fulfills the obligations and acts on the principles of a mutually advantageous cooperation.

PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP” has a balanced product portfolio (more than 100 items) and occupies one of the leading positions in terms of production and sales of finished medical products among Ukrainian manufacturers.

"The folding process is not at the center of a pharmaceutical enterprise, but it affects the efficiency of the packaging machine," comments Technical Director Igor Seletskyi. “Most pharmaceutical companies around the world and in Ukraine use folding modules which are integrated into the cartoning machine. It is convenient enough - all in one line. However, we have decided to equip our cartoning machines with feeding units for pre-folded leaflets.
Folding is now carried out offline by means of stand-alone folding machines.

From our point of view, this is much more effective for several reasons:

  • The time required to set up the folding module in a cartoning machine is in fact a downtime.
  • An offline folding machine makes it possible to supply several cartoning machines with leaflets.
  • A stand-alone folding machine provides more flexible fields of applications and options.
  • Depending on the tasks, you can choose the most convenient configuration of the folding machine. The feeding length of the sheet in the offline machine can vary from 100 to 1300 mm. It is also possible to use different feeders or cross fold units.
  • There is no need to order pre-folded sheets from a printing house, which are increasingly needed for voluminous package inserts. Pre-folded products are not ideal for further processing because of the deformations that occur during transport and storage.
  • Besides package leaflets, booklets and other products for internal use can now also be produced.
  • The main point, however, is that we are able to fold the package inserts in a closed area and are thus not affected by paper dust, which would be unacceptable for our quality standards.

The background and main reasons for the investment are as follows:

After a series of negotiations, familiarization with the equipment and the quality of the products, we chose the equipment of the German manufacturer MB Bäuerle. We decided to purchase it in 2013. The prestigeFOLD NET 52 was delivered and launched in our production within the planned time frame. Before we had used sheet folding machines from a competitor. The choice in favor of MB Bäuerle was made because of the automation of settings, the quality of the folds, the speed of operation, the wide range of materials, as well as the fast and professional support from the representative in Ukraine. In addition to the accessories necessary for the production of leaflets, we have equipped the folder with scoring knives to facilitate the processing of the package inserts in the cartoning machine.

Based on the results of four years of operation, the great reliability and efficiency of work are impressive. During this time, we have produced more than 100,000,000 package inserts. The acquisition of the prestigeFOLD NET 52 enabled us not only to expand the fleet of equipment, improved efficiency and productivity, but also significantly increased flexibility in choosing the format and type of fold. With the new machine from MB Bäuerle, we have reached a new quality level at the production site. The prestigeFOLD NET 52 has become an indispensable tool for the production of instructions for use”, explains Igor Seletskyi the considerations taken into account during the investment process.  

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