Fold training courses

Fold training courses – For a perfect fold!

Maximum productivity combined with minimum set-up times – these are the outstanding features of the folding and inserting machines from MB Bäuerle.

Are you interested in a basic training about folding techniques where the focus is placed on the setting of the basic types of fold and the fast elimination of malfunctions? Or do you want to deepen your basic knowledge by attending an advanced training course? We are pleased to offer you the perfect training for a smooth introduction into the world of automated folding with a prestigeFOLD NET 52, because there is a close connection between the possibilities of the machine and the quality of the finished product.

Fold training courses - Basic

The perfect training for everybody who wants to become familiar with folding techniques. The participants learn the systematic and efficient way of setting basic types of fold. In addition, they are taught to rapidly locate and clear up malfunctions at the folding machines.

  • Folding techniques: e.g. fold principles, buckle fold principle, arrangement of fold plates
  • Use and maintenance of fold plates
  • Folding jobs: e.g. parallel folds, cross folds, perforating and scoring

The participants learn the systematic way of setting the folding machine and how to locate and eliminate malfunctions.

Fold training courses - Advanced

This training module complements the knowledge about folding. The most important training topics are the deepening of basic knowledge, the production of special folds and the use of special devices.

  • Special leaflet folds
  • Map folds
  • Two-up cross fold unit
  • Multiple-up production
  • Special perforations
  • Gate fold device
  • Fold-gluing

The participants deepen their basic knowledge and learn how to produce special folds and to use special devices.

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