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Production at high speed

The "Medienhaus Herbrand & Friedrich" in Adenau at Nürburgring invests once again in an automated folding machine from MB Bäuerle.

The picturesque town of Adenau, which is located in the Hocheifel region, regularly turns into a hotspot for motor sport enthusiasts at the weekends, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Nürburgring with its famous Nordschleife. However, "Medienhaus Herbrand & Friedrich" which is also located in Adenau is even older than the notorious racetrack. The family business was founded in 1853 and therefore is the oldest printing plant in the district of Ahrweiler. It is a fourth-generation media company now run by the brothers Peter and Martin Friedrich.

The product portfolio is very innovative and diverse. Its range is from design and production stationary, flyers, brochures, posters, magazines, books, catalogues as well as advertising technology which means the design of large-format surfaces, vehicle wraps as well as diverse realisations of creative ideas. A total of 15 employees take care of the smooth and punctual completion of orders. The customers are located primarily in the region and come from the sectors of communication and logistics, industry, motor sport, gastronomy, art and culture as well as tourism. Martin Friedrich, trained bookbinder, is very proud to be an official partner of the Nürburgring: „The racing sounds of the Nürburgring at the weekends are like music to us." The young field of advertising technology is particularly close to the heart of the company. "In this segment, there were always more specific demands from customers. Therefore, we decided to do all the processes in-house in order to guarantee the highest possible customer's satisfaction", explains media operator Tim Friedrich the business philosophy. "Thanks to the numerous technical enhancements, we can now combine and process an incredible variety of materials", adds Peter Friedrich, typesetter master.

However, long term investments are made as well in the applied technique in the so called classical printing sector in order to keep it up-to-date. In addition to an offset printing press, two single-sheet digital printing systems are also used. "The digital printing system sector is becoming more and more important to us. The very good quality in connection with the possibility to act at short-notice and therefore be able to realize delivery on the same day, are enormous advantages for us", reports the trained offset printer and media specialist Sven Friedrich, who works as a production manager in the company and already represents the next generation. Furthermore, the finishing and print processing are becoming increasingly important. The "Medienhaus Herbrand & Friedrich", however, has very good equipment for this sector. For many years, they trust in the folding sector in a semi-automated folding system from MB Bäuerle. Due to the changed requirements regarding the digital printing they were looking for a fully automatic machine. Once again MB Bäuerle could supply the perfect system the prestigeFOLD NET 38. This machine impresses with its complex automation and high output of up to 220 m/min. After entering the necessary information via the centrally located touchscreen display the alignment rail, fold plate including deflectors as well as the folding rollers and rollers of the delivery table set automatically. 20 possibilities of fold types are pre-programmed; all other fold types are freely programmable and can be saved in the job memory. Manuel interventions and set-up times are reduced to a minimum. "This really is a great machine with a top quality. We as well would like to emphasize the very good customer care by Mr. Scheel", explained Sven Friedrich of his experience with the investment. The machine is equipped with a top-loading bottom feed air feeder PBA.
Here sheet separation takes place from the bottom of the stack, so that a reloading of the paper from below is possible. This results in the advantage of continuous folding without pauses in feeding. The order structure consists of several short runs with a circulation of normally 1.000 to 2.000 sheets. Thus, the prestigeFOLD NET 38 can use the advantages of being fully automated. The folding system is operated by several employees that are partly newcomers in the field of folding. In this case the simple operating concept helps a lot.

"At our company the customer is not only a number. We take care individually of each customer. If possible as well more complicated productions are realized - we just do it", Sven Friedrich pointed out the successful concept of the company once again.

Convinced of the machine concept and the very good customer support by MB Bäuerle Martin Friedrich (right) and Peter Friedrich (left), including Sebastian Scheel MB Bäuerle sales representative.

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