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Integrated folding solution for the connection to packaging machines

As part of a customer project, MB Bäuerle has developed an online folding solution for the integrated production of pharmaceutical product descriptions. The system is based on the semi-automated multimaster CAS 52 folding machine and the mobile knife fold unit MS 45.


The solution developed by MB Bäuerle allows direct further processing of individually generated product descriptions by means of a professional single sheet industrial printer. For this, the printed document is taken over from the alignment table of the folding machine. Before the actual folding process, the turning station Ti 90 turns the document by 90°, thus guaranteeing the infeed direction of the document that is needed for further processing. Besides the actual folding process, the document is subsequently turned by 180° in the fold unit to make sure that the closed folding edge is in the required position. As the next step, a crossfold is made in the mobile knife fold unit MS 45, before the folded product is transferred to the packaging machine.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Inline printing and processing
  • No need to stock blank forms
  • Smaller production area needed because of compact design
  • Material savings because there is no waste
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